How to add more security to your entrance doors

When it comes to entrance doors, we all know that changing them would be an often excruciating, very expensive process. Also, due to style issues, sometimes owners are not keen to have their doors changed because it would change the overall look of the entrance. Having a specialty door done is an option many don’t really consider. Therefore most people just ignore the overall state of their front doors and think would resolve all the security issues in one. However, when it comes to overall security check there is much to reveal about the doors.

The actual state of the door

Most homes still have wooden doors especially in areas where older houses stand. Many of these doors of course do get older with age and the temperature changes or extra humidity, rain or snow will also not do them many favours.

Of course noone wants to try how their door would cope when someone would try to kick them in. However, oftentimes it’s sadly revealed only when a burglary happens. While most burglars do not like to use pure force to get in to buildings, due to the sheer noise this causes and due to its sight clearly giving them away, there are instances when burglars use force to get to a building, especially if they are dead sure, there are many valuables to „collect”. Call a carpenter to examine the quality of wood of your doors and have them equipped with an extra steel from the inside (additional wooden covering can be added to keep the look.

The jambs

Many times when a burglar does a forced attempt to get in the locks would withstand the attack, however the jambs would not. If the jamb is not enforced or it’s gotten old, then when someone tries to kick a door in, all they need to do is to apply enough force to make the locks simply break through the jambs and the door is out open. Therefore it’s a good idea to always get the jambs reinforced with an additional steel on the back side, which would not affect the look in any ways. This would make the jamb nearly impossible to be split open.

All those glass in the door

When older style doors were made, security was often not put in consideration. Therefore there are still several older style doors, which come with small decorative windows installed in them on on its sides. If you have a door with an additional window, either put a steel plate, reinforce the glass and the window lock and most importantly do not have a deadbolt that can be easily opened manually from the inside. As a burglar can easily break the window, put an arm in and manually open the door from the inside. Use a lock or a deadbolt even that is operated with keys on both sides. If you have glass on the sides of your door, consider changing these or add extra reinforcement to them.

Make sure when calling a locksmith service Manchester to get all locks checked or apply additional security to be in line with fire safety too. All those locks can also keep you from getting out of the house quickly.