Cons of digital locks

Are we really ready to handle digital locks in this day and age and are they ready to really provide us with more convenience and security? Well, this list tells you what disadvantages you may need to be facing when it comes to having digital locks

The key you would need in the case of any sort of outage or when the system closes you out after a certain number of attempts. In addition, codes must be written somewhere too which is oftentimes our smartphones. If anyone gains access to your smartphone where this information is revealed along with your address, it can sabotage your whole home security.

  • The ease to watch over the shoulders as someone enters the code: you ought to be careful and warn everyone to enter the code with extra high care ensuring noone is watching them from up close while they open the door.
  • Failure to change the code may reveal the numbers used for the code much more easily. Because the buttons you push many times a day will eventually show off the code (although they cannot show off the exact order of numbers it will give a much greater chance for someone to try to enter)
  • They are very costly: you must be aware that digital locks are way more expensive to install and also to replace or repair. It will need a specialist locksmith in Bournemouth who knows and regularly works with digital locks.
  • What if the battery dies?
    These special locks work with battery which means it can die down just in the worst time possible as most of us will not pay attention to changing these until it’s of course too late. This means, it’s still a good idea to keep a key with you (that’s funny for a system the biggest pull of which would be not having to use a key)

All in all, we think digital locks are still not quite there in technology to be safely used by everyone. Codes can be just as easy to find as keys hidden outside. Therefore digital locks still seem to have a long way to go before they can be considered as Nr. 1 choices for most people.

As you can see despite the keyless system, the digital locks do have more disadvantages than advantages at the moment. We would suggest you to ask a trusted and approved Bournemouth locksmith service to make sure you have a good deadbolt lock system installed, that’s mounted deep into the doorframe (that’s also been secured) as this is the current safest option out of all locks.