Mechanical, electronic and smart lock pros and cons

A few years ago, there was really no question what sort of a lock we should choose for our doors to ensure a maximum safety, however thanks to all the smart devices we get to use today, we seem to have a lot more options, especially if we would like to expand the safety features in our home. Let’s see what are the current best locks, what the pros and cons of these locks are and how should we base our choice of lock for the future?

Important to note: a lock is a lock. They can only be differentiated by the exact way of their opening and closing, otherwise their mechanics are literally no different. This is why there are no super locks and the newest sort of biometric locks work with the same mechanical locking systems as any other locks.

Mechanical locks

The best current type of lock that’s generally suggested for home owners to have as a minimal requirement is the deadbolt lock. The key characteristic of the deadbolt is, that you can open it easily from the inside, yet it cannot be opened without a key from the outside. There are several types of deadbolts, however the most important when getting them installed is to really check the state of the jamb and of the door itself and if possible get a steel reinforcement for both. If the jambs are weak, no lock on earth can protect you, as a kick on the door can make the whole jamb come out. Another good security measure is to make sure the bolts go deep in the wall, through the jambs. This is a universal rule no matter what sort of a locking system you are using.

Electronic or digital locks

These locks have an additional keypad added to them which are used to enter a code to enter have the lock opened. The opening/closing system of these locks may work with electronics or they work with a battery. The system is deemed to eliminate the usage of keys as much as possible (though most of them still have an emergency lock that works with a key) they are hard to open without the code and it’s extremely easy to work out new code for them. These locks may not be easy to use by the older generation, especially considering their setup process, which is best to be done by the Bournemouth locksmith services who would install it in your door. Unfortunately, these locks have their own set of vulnerabilities and as it’s lesser known how they react to unexpected outages, not to mention the generally high price their installation and maintenance means, most people still prefer to avoid these,

Smart locks

Now that the smart locks appeared, either code based or biometric fingerprint based, we can slowly but surely conclude that it’s possible that the smart lock will simply overthrow the digital lock system and replace it entirely within a couple of years. While the system works very similarly, the smart lock can be operated through a remote authority either with Bluetooth or with WiFi or other means of internet connection. This way, someone can easily control their working and can even remotely initiate the lock and unlock functions. Although unquestionably expensive a technology, it can be worthy especially if you are renting, have a high traffic in your home or if you are to connect your smart system with a similar alarm/camera surveillance system.