How to know if a locksmith service is reliable?

Locksmiths have gotten a bad name because of the awful job several uncertified locksmith do and because of all the crooked so-called locksmiths who give information away about homes and lock systems to burglar gangs. However it’s essential to know that most locksmith services are not crooked, but you need to learn how to find out whether a Bournemouth locksmith service is really reliable or if they really aren’t.

They are a certified company

This also means their company number is published along with their prices, they provide guarantee and warranty on all their services. Another good sign is, for a Bournemouth locksmith service to have its own website, have its location and contact information published on Google and if you can read good reviews about it. They also must prove that their co-workers are all experienced, fully trained and certified locksmiths. A company not having a website or a landline phone number is quite a giveaway of someone not being a certified trusted locksmith.

They provide what they promise

The second key sign of a locksmith service is, if they always provide the service they promise, in the timeframe promised in good quality. Quickness is essential if someone assures to provide an express 24 hour locksmith service.

They real with BSI certified and compliant locks

If you want or already have a home insurance, then it’s essential for you to get all your locks compliant with the insurance company’s expectations. As must UK insurance companies would normally require someone to have BS compliant locks, the locksmith service should have these sort of locks.

Additional information on security

If someone’s mending or changing your locks, but fails to mention some obvious issues with the door itself, then we can conclude he is not providing with a good service. A good locksmith service would be helpful and willing to help you see all the safety vulnerabilities which need additional help to get mended.

Who doesn’t want to rip you off

Many people rather stick with nameless locksmiths, often without any reliable business to mend their locks, simply because they had bad experiences with some locksmith services, who didn’t want to come to do a small job and rather wanted to talk them to installing whole new lock systems for a high amount of money. Therefore you need a good locksmith service who wouldn’t mind coming out to do a small service and who are not keen to make as much money as possible out of it.

Who provides with information about locks

A good Bournemouth lock service would provide you detailed information on lock types, their pros and cons and on all the several brands they work with.

Who is familiar with fire safety and insurance regulations

You definitely need a locksmith who is up to date with all the local regulations and would only install locks which are in line with these regulations. Several areas would not let owners install deadbolts in the entrance doors, which only work with keys also from the inside due to fire safety reasons. This is just one example out of the many. All in all, safety and fire safety has to be in sync along with insurance regulations and expectations.