General and special locksmith services Bournemouth

Locksmiths can do so much for your safety and oftentimes they can provide you with way more services than you could have imagined. Therefore we thought to quickly enlist some of the key services you can expect a quality, certified locksmith service Bournemouth can provide you with.

24 hour locksmith services

Of course the primary service for all accredited locksmith services includes the extra quick service, which happens when someone gets in one of the following situations:

  • Keys lost or stolen
  • A burglary has happened and the lock needs to be changed as soon as possible
  • Urgent lock change request due to law disputes, repossession, etc.

Installing new locks generally also includes a lock checking service and also key copying if extra copies are required. Locks do have their own paper, therefore make sure the locksmith service will provide you with this one. Some keys can only be copied if their specific code is represented. Therefore always check if you have received this code. A certified locksmith also will provide you with an invoice. Some locksmith services would count no extra charge for their urgent service.

If your home insurance includes emergency services make sure to call and notify them first. Some insurers would only cover lock changes in this case if you contact one of their approved and enlisted locksmith services and present a detailed invoice.

Key copy services

If someone needs copies of certain keys a locksmith service is the best definite place to go.

Lock changes, surveillance

Lock changes can happen out of many reasons, with home renovation, door change and moving in a new house being among some of the most generic reasons. Locksmith services are more than happy to walk around and give you advice with your other locks and windows too. Check if they do work with BSI compliant locks (featuring the kite logo and a specific number starting with BS (British Standard). This service has two key types: residential for home owners, residential for whole buildings starting from the entrance within an apartment house or townhouse and commercial services for companies.

Home insurance related lock advice

Many home insurance companies have their own minimum requirements of locks and safety features which they request home owners to present before insuring their homes. A certified Bournemouth locksmith service can give you a lot of advice, especially those who work directly for insurance companies.

Help with car keys

While these days car keys are not as easy to copy and they don’t occur in as high numbers as before, it’s still good to know that you can call a locksmith in the occurrence of getting locked out of your car for whatever reason.

Alarm systems

More and more locksmith services deal with alarm systems as well, because it’s becoming a more and more frequently used home safety system and this way it connects with their original tasks.

Check out any certified Bournemouth locksmith service should you need any of their above services.