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Our Latest Titles

Helot: A Story of Ancient Sparta

“Helot” is the life story of a member of the down-trodden slave population of Sparta in the years from c 530-480 BC. He becomes the personal slave to kings, first Cleomenes, who clashed with the cities of Athens and Argos, then Leonidas, commander of the 300 Spartans who died gloriously at Thermopylae. The helot is an eye-witness at the battles of Marathon, Thermopylae and finally Salamis, where he is used to carry messages to the Persian king and an exiled king of Sparta.The basis of the story is to be found in the “Histories of Herodotus”. It has been carefully researched and sticks closely to what is generally accepted as the course of events at that period.


A Land At the Center of the World: An Ethnography of the Dinka Agaar of South Sudan

This book is the result of the author’s six years work in South Sudan where he functioned as both a medical doctor and an anthropologist. He worked intermittently as a physician in the village of Ticagok, South Sudan and surrounding areas. Early in this work he began formal anthropological studies of the Dinka Agaar in addition to providing medical care.


Our Latest MJUNIOR Editions

Olympic Nottingham

Nottingham…a magic city, where two magical friends, Sunbeam and Moonbeam, meet and the adventure begins. This night magic is true, and every statue and painting of the City becomes alive. Three heroes, Hercules, Robin Hood, and Lord Byron burst into an Olympic adventure, and encounter the evil source of confusion. But the Olympic ideals and the true friendship always predominate.


Our Latest Journal Issues

International Journal of Energy Security and Environmental Research - Volume 1.2

‘International Journal of Energy Security and Environmental Research’ (ISSN 2047-3354) is focusing on the study of energy security and environmental policy and their social, cultural, political, economic and business impacts. This Special Issue of the Journal (Volume 1 no. 2, 2014), with guest editors, Dr Ivaylo Gatev (University of Nottingham Ningbo China) and Dr May Tan-Mullins (University of Nottingham Ningbo China), published original research articles on energy security in East Asia, with a focus on China’s energy security policy.


Journal of Hellenic Religion: Volume 7 (2013-2014)

The Journal of Hellenic Religion (ISSN 1748-7811) is a peer-reviewed Journal published annually by Markoulakis Publications for the study and analysis of ancient Greek religion, theology and mythology.

The Journal accepts contributions of original content in German, Greek, Spanish, English and French language. It always provides an English abstract.